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129H has been running slam workshops since 2002. Each year we offer workshops for 8-11 year olds and 12-92 year olds. We also supervise and support groups in the context of original artistic creations.

The slam workshops showcase a complete discipline combining writing, oral and scenic expression. You develop your listening skills, your literary style, your creativity, your imagination, your presence on stage.


The objective set with each group of participants is to write, master, interpret and finally slam one or more free texts. On each cycle of workshops, 129H and the project leaders together define the final restitution objective: slam scene, show, edition of a collection, recording of productions at the 129H STUDIO .

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Both authors, performers and audience, the participants develop skills of expression, and forge personal tools for self-esteem. With a playful and uninhibited approach to the French language, the slam workshops offer a benevolent space for writing and speaking, creating and exchanging, thinking and understanding.

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The workshops are led by an experienced team who can intervene solo or in pairs. Around Lyor and Rouda, the artists-speakers of 129H are all professionals in animation and group management.

  • Territories

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Anchoring in the 20th arrondissement of Paris

Established in the Amandiers district, and as part of a CPO with the City of Paris, we run a dynamic slam in the area with 4 regular slam workshops and an annual tournament at the Plateaux Sauvages (Cultural Establishment of the City of Paris ).

Action on national territory

• We supervise and animate 4 weekly writing workshops and around 30 internships per year.

• We are members of the Slam League of France, and as such, labeled Slam à l'École.
• Since 2018, we have been participating in the Equal system of local missions in Essonne.
• Since 2015, we have been participating in the Rebounds and Pathways programs of the Montreuil Educational Success Program.
• Since 2012, we have been running 3 workshops for the medico-social sector (Avicenne Hospital, Gustave Roussy Institute, Neuilly Sur Marne CATTP).

Outreach in the French-speaking world
We run slam workshops and training workshops in partnership with the French Institutes and local associations. Since 2005, we have supported the dynamics around the slam discipline in multiple latitudes: French Guiana, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, USA, New Caledonia, Morocco, Mali, Egypt, Congo, Haiti, Venezuela, Burundi.



Through our workshops, we have made several thousand participants aware of the slam discipline.
Primary, secondary school, SEGPA, high school
students , students, adults, newcomers, disabled, prisoners, amateur artists.


Since 2002, we have run several hundred slam workshops. In total, 180 partner structures have trusted us.

Universities, high schools, colleges, primary schools, associations, cultural centers, culture department, DAC, DAAC, libraries, media libraries, Educational Success, CCAS, detention centers, remand centers, theaters, national stages, festivals, French institutes, Arcadi , HRD, Works councils.


● Deschool writing

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

● Create, express and exchange within a group

● Acquire writing tools and techniques

● Develop individual and group projects


● Discovery workshops - 1 session of 2 hours

Initiation to slam

● Short course - 5 to 7 sessions of 2 hours

Restitution on stage / Collection of texts / Audio support

● Annual course - 25 sessions of 2 hours

Original creation on stage / Collection of texts / Audio support



38-40, rue des Amandiers - 75020 Paris

+33 1 77 12 63 63