Founded in 2001, 129H is the first slam collective in France. A pioneer in slam scenes, shows and musical projects, writing and training workshops, the Collectif 129H is an essential reference.


Its history is inscribed in time. A time punctuated by the urgency to say. In 2000, the slam movement is a well-kept secret. Paris has only a few microscopic nightlife spots that attract strange butterflies with long tongues. Lyor, Neobled, Ninanonyme and Rouda are among them. They meet on the sidewalks of Ménilmontant, and recognize a common passion for writing and speaking. They then seal the birth of the Collectif 129H and open the third weekly slam scene in Paris.


The slam scenes of 129H have seen all that mattered in terms of writing, performance, abundant talents of the beginning of the millennium: D 'de Kabal, Souleymane Diamanka, Jacky Ido, Nicolas Seguy, Gaël Faye, Hippocampe Fou ...


The death of Ninanonyme in December 2004 acts as a detonator, which commits the collective even further on its path. Lyor, Neobled and Rouda then crisscrossed France and further afield to spread the slam discipline.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Their spoken, declaimed or rapped poetry then invests plural fields. On their slam stages, they opened up a space for free speech and triggered vocations, including that of Grand Corps Malade, which would work alongside them for several years. In their “Write and Say” workshops, they educate thousands of young and old alike to the exercise of poetic speech and oral writing. In show or on record, they offer unusual objects, where sharp flows and offbeat humor, vocal technique and sharp vision of the world mingle.


Lyor, Neobled and Rouda each lead their own artistic trajectory and come together in a trio around common creations. Between the releases of each individual's albums, the Collectif 129H multiplies the projects: the conception of a methodological guide on the slam workshops, a daily chronicle of the news on the waves of the Mouv ', the tour of the show "Slameurs Publics" … This journey rich in human encounters and artistic experiments will take them to Chicago in 2017, where they will play a joint creation with Marc Smith, the inventor of slam.


In January 2019, Neobled left the Collective and devoted himself to the activities of the QDCF. “When to say is to do” is a concept of slam evenings, the primary objective of which is to help associations. Founding member of 129H, he also runs his own writing workshops, carries out multiple cultural projects, and continues to explore his musical galaxy.


Today, Lyor and Rouda manage and animate all of the collective's activities: workshops and training, creations and voice-overs.



38-40, rue des Amandiers - 75020 Paris

+33 1 77 12 63 63