Authors and voice-over actors, we collaborate with communication agencies in the design of advertising spots.


The most modern writing and oral expressions are brought to play a role in the field of audiovisual communication. The adaptability of slammers and rappers no longer needs to be demonstrated. Their expertise in the field of literary creation, as in that of studio interpretation, is as much an asset as an added value for advertising.


In this cens, we work with a pool of authors, from the slam or hip-hop scene, competent to support teams of creatives in the writing of advertising material.

We also offer a catalog of male and female voices, specializing in voiceover for TV, Web and FM.


Since 2009, our team has enabled the realization of multiple video communication campaigns: showreel, company films, national campaigns ...

Lyor and Rouda are represented by the Charles Neville agency ( )

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